Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a wonderful day of worship, outreach and fellowship. I am still smiling as I reflect on the day. As for my musings …

-The Sunday after VBS is often a down Sunday. My 10:30 church had their VBS celebration last Sunday with incredible energy and high attendance. Yesterday was a very good day of worship with good energy. The attendance was lower than last Sunday but not much below our average. A family that had not attended our church before our VBS were back again yesterday!

-Last evening, we had a VBS follow-up celebration. We rented out our public city pool for our church and targeted all the kids and families we reached in VBS. It was a huge success. The attendance was outstanding. Everyone had a great time. Most of our VBS kids were there and some brought friends. The kids brought parents and some grandparents. There were several adults there who have not been to our church. Our people mixed well with the new people. The weather was almost perfect. Every family of a VBS kid got a DVD with highlights of the week of VBS. I had some great conversations with parents I had never met before. It was an outstanding event.

-Our worship time at my 9:00 church was good and our attendance was good as well. Our VBS for that church begins this evening.

-On Friday, I took a stress test and everything looked fine. Nice to get confirmation that I am okay. At least physically.

-On Friday evening my wife and I sat with my Associate Pastor and his wife and brainstormed about some classes and groups for this fall. I am very excited about the ministry opportunities and the involvement of other people. God is up to something good around here.

-A good friend, fellow pastor and prayer partner is moving out of the area today. It was difficult to say good-bye. He is retiring and I am happy for he and his wife. I am really going to miss them. Technology will allow us to stay in touch. One of our connecting points is that we both have a child and family serving as a missionary in Africa.

-I am very encouraged by the number of people who are sharing with me that their prayer life is increasing and how they are touching others as a result.

-I will finish my current sermon series within the next 2 weeks. It has been a good study and challenge. I am even more excited about the next series of messages. As the Lord guided me toward this next series it was a definite “God moment”. Within a few minutes, the whole 6 week series was laid out with scripture and some illustrations. I believe this series, if I share it as God intends, can make a huge impact in many people’s lives.

-This summer has been the busiest summer of ministry that I can remember.

-My son, and his family, now know where they will be ministering for the next year. We have been praying fervently for them to know where they will serve. Now the prayers are for the government clearance and visas for that country.

-I am very appreciative for the leadership of my District Superintendent. It is encouraging to know that your leader is a quality person who has leadership skills, a compassionate heart and seeks what is best for the pastor and the church.

-Next week my wife and I will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. I am more in love with her today than I was 42 years ago.

-The school year begins in 16 days around here. I see a mix of excitement and dread. Who do you think is excited and who is dreading the beginning of a new school year?

-My Cubs are finally back in first place!

Here’s hoping that you are finding something to be excited about, and that you will share that excitement with someone else.



Monday Morning Musings (brief) …

Yesterday was an outstanding day. So many good things taking place right now. As for my musings …

-My 10:30 church finished VBS with an outstanding time of worship and sharing in our worship service. Many of the 54 kids who attended VBS showed up for the service, and brought some family with them. We shared that at least a dozen kids accepted Jesus as their Savior. They kids sang their hearts out. I loved the energy. The theme for the week was shared and I shared with the congregation that the kids brought in over $1,600 for 2 different mission projects. They provided the cost for schooling for a girl in Kenya for the next year and they purchased 2 large tents for churches who are meeting outside in the Philippines. When the adults heard how much the kids had brought in for others, they added to the total and made so that we will be purchasing 3 tents for churches. I am rejoicing this morning as I reflect on the week and the day.

-My wife and I had 3 of our grandkids with us last week and they attended our VBS. They loved it so much they were asking their Mom and Dad if they could stay a few more days to be a part of the Sunday morning celebration. That is a great testimonial for our VBS workers.

-Last evening, my 9:00 church hosted a Missions rally for the all 7 churches in our Zone. We had good attendance and they missionaries shared an enlightening and challenging message. I was especially interested in hearing these missionaries. They are from Ethiopia and I have a grandson who was adopted there. They have been serving in Kenya which is where my son, daughter in law and family have served.

-Today I will drive the missionaries a couple of hours up the road to get them to their next event.

-A week from today my 9:00 church begins their VBS.

-A real answer to prayer is how well our air conditioning units held up during VBS given the extreme heat we had all week.

-The volunteers who served during VBS were incredible. We had at least 40 people who helped some throughout the week and most them helped every night. It was awesome to watch them care for the kids, connect with other volunteers and share the love of Jesus. Some of the volunteers used vacation time to serve.

I am going to have to cut this post a little short since I have a couple of errands to run before I head out with the missionaries. Here’s hoping you have a week of encouragement.



Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was an outstanding day in so many way, heartbreaking in one way and a disappointing day in couple of ways. As for my musings …

-I am currently in another state attending our denomination’s quadrennial General Assembly. Several thousand people from all over the world gather in one place every four years. We celebrate awesome stories of God working in mighty ways. We worship together in many languages. We fellowship with new friends and old ones as well. Church business is taken care of and we elect some of our highest denominational leadership. It is something that I look forward to attending whenever I am able.

-Just after getting back to our room last night I received a phone call about someone in my church who was rushed to the emergency room in bad condition and then life flighted to a larger hospital. I tracked down some more information after a few phone calls and connected with a leader back home who also made contact with some of the family. (My Assistant Pastor is also at General Assembly through today.) Praying fervently today for this precious lady.

-Yesterday we celebrated communion in both of my churches. Our attendance was down in both places but the Spirit of the Lord was evident and we rejoiced in remembering what Christ has done for us.

-There was an unexpected visitor early in the morning. A deer wondered out of the cornfield nearby and sauntered around the church yard and parking lot for several minutes. Then after deciding to try a different place of worship the deer bounded through the cornfield away from our church. It was quite a sight. I love visitors at church, don’t you?

-Minutes after the service ended at my 10:30 church my wife and I were in our van and headed to General Assembly. We were packed on Saturday night.  The van was loaded before leaving for my 9:00 church and less than 4 hours after pronouncing the benediction we pulled up to the convention center where General Assembly is in full swing. The drive was only 3 ½ hours. The real news is that we were out of the church so quickly. We normally are there for 30 minutes after the finish of worship. Talking with people and then shutting things down since we are the last to leave.


-I love sharing in communion. I love sharing what Christ has done for all of us. I love seeing the faces of my people as they remember their own faith journey when they partake of the elements of communion. Communion is always a special time of worship.

-I am hoping to see a few friends that I haven’t seen since the last General Assembly.

-Looking forward to hearing more about what God is doing around the world. It is one thing to read it in an email or on a website, it is more impactful to hear it in person.

-Praying that it rains back home and that it doesn’t rain here, or at least doesn’t rain during the day when we are walking back and forth to the convention center.

Here’s hoping that you recognize the presence of Christ today and that you share that with someone else.



Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a day of beautiful weather, a good time of worship, great fellowship, and fun moments of remembering and honoring. As for my musings …

-It was great to speak with my Dad for a few minutes and wish him a happy Father’s Day. He sounded pretty good. My step-sister sent a couple of pictures of him and my step-mom from their time together yesterday. It was great to see the pictures and see that they looked good.

-It was humbling and fun to hear from my kids on Father’s Day.

-Father’s Day, is often a low attendance Sunday, which has always frustrated me. However, yesterday my 9:00 church was up in attendance and my 10:30 church was right at their average.

-We had an outstanding spirit all through the worship service at my 10:30 church. We had a couple of times of meaningful prayer and even had some people who came to the altar during singing to unload some burdens. The service at my 9:00 church went well.

-My 10:30 church a huge Father’s Day breakfast. It was made, decorated and served by the ladies. (The men did the same for the ladies on Mother’s Day.) Many people enjoyed a delicious breakfast and good fellowship. At least that is what I was told and what pictures of the event revealed. It took place while I was at my 9:00 church. I was given a plate of food from the breakfast to have later.

-In the afternoon, I met a family at the cemetery to spread the ashes of a loved one whose funeral I did a couple of months ago.

-Tomorrow I will do a funeral, the 3rd one in 10 days. Only one of them has been someone in my churches. The other two are people in the community who did not have a pastor. After only doing 3 or 4 funerals my first 3 years here, the funeral on Tuesday will be my 7th this year.

-I was encouraged by the discussion, and interactions, that took place this past week in the Fatherhood Class I help teach at the prison. It is great to see growth in some of the men and to observe them prodding one another in their relationships with their children and families.

-I am looking forward to attending some time at our denomination’s General Assembly next week. This is an event that takes place every 4 years. Ministers, missionaries and lay people from all around the world gather for times of worship, celebrating and business. I am always encouraged whenever I can attend. It is a few hours away. We will have the vehicle loaded before church begins. Then we will leave as soon we can after the last amen.

-There are several people in my churches who are facing some very serious physical issues. This week, at least 3 of them, will be undergoing some very serious procedures. Lots of prayer and concern going on.

-Vacation Bible School is less than a month away in my 10:30 church. Decorations, and props, are being built and showing up in the building almost every day. The excitement is building. Praying for changed lives, among the students and the workers.

Here’s hoping you are excited for what God is doing in your life and that your excitement will influence someone else this week.



Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. In fact, it was a somewhat difficult week, but that is not what my musings are to be about on a Monday morning. As for my musings …

-My presentation of the sermon yesterday left much to be desired. I had a great early morning time of prayer and a good practice run of the sermon. But I allowed my mind to get twisted about some stuff and it spilled over into my presentation of the message. I am flawed. I, and others, are painfully aware of the fact that I am flawed. I hate when my flaws interfere with the message. The good news is that God is still God and He can speak clearly to people’s hearts when I don’t speak so clearly.
-Attendance was remarkably low in my 10:30 church. My 9:00 church ended up with about our average attendance, but they arrived very late.

-Saturday, I did a funeral for a local family that did not have a church connection. It may seem odd to some of you, but I like to do those. It gives me a chance to meet people I don’t know and to help them at a critical time. Those are opportunities to show the love and compassion of Christ.
-Also on Saturday, I received an early morning message that a person in my church passed away. We knew it was coming but it is still a loss for that family and her friends. We will have that service later this week.
-At my 10:30 church we had our first meeting for those who are interested in serving in our Vacation Bible School. It was a very encouraging meeting. It was encouraging because of the number who have committed to serve and by the enthusiasm and passion to serve the children that was evident. It is difficult not to be enthusiastic when you are talking about VBS with the lady who is our director. This will be her 3rd year of leading VBS and she absolutely loves doing it and loves the kids. She thinks about VBS most of the year. She takes vacation during VBS to give everything she can to the kids and volunteers. It is so much fun to serve with people who love what they do.

-Yesterday afternoon I had a board meeting with my 9:00 church and tonight I have board meeting with my 10:30 church.
-There has been some flu type bug going around recently. It seems weird to me for that to be happening in June. Hoping that it ends soon, too many people have been suffering from it.
-I had a scare on Thursday evening. We had trouble renewing our subscription to some of our office software recently. I thought we had resolved it. Then I got an email just before I went to bed Thursday that said due to complications we would no longer have access to all the office software that we use. That got my attention. I tried to get to some of the programs that we use and I could not use them. It took a few minutes, but I was able to resolve the issue. Then I went back to the program I use for all my writing and sermons. I could not fine my folder with my sermons and I just about finished the sermon for that week. Panic began to rise up within me. After another several minutes, I located the folder and everything was intact. However, I was now wide awake. I believe got about 3 ½ hours of sleep that night.

-This morning mind keeps going back to something in the verse Colosssians 3:12. That we are “dearly loved” by God. What a powerful truth. We, you and me, are “dearly loved” by the one who created us, but the one gave everything for us. It is even more remarkable when you realize that He knows all our flaws, and still we are “dearly loved” by Him.
Here’s hoping you live today with confidence because you are “dearly loved”. Pass it on.


Monday Morning Musings …

This morning I sit here typing while looking out over the waves as they come rolling into shore. I could get used to this, or at least get used to doing this a couple of times each year. Our vacation is not over yet and it will be one that will give us great memories for years to come. As for my musings …

-Vacation Sundays are always very different. Not preaching and not being at my home churches always makes for an odd feeling for me. We are without transportation of our own on this vacation and there was not church within walking distance that we discovered. We chose to worship with some great friends through the live streaming of their worship service. It was a great service and fun to see some familiar faces. Pastor Dave Engbrecht, thanks for the message. Keep the fire hot and preach it brother. After all, “our greatest days are just ahead”.
-I also spent time praying for Pastor Matt and our churches back home. It sounds like things went well and it just goes to show that I can be gone, Pastor Matt cannot. Last time he was gone we had some disastrous technical problems.
-This vacation has been so relaxing. Seeing the ocean from our balcony and hearing the waves whenever we sit out on the balcony has been awesome. Spending time sitting on the beach while reading, sleeping and people watching has been refreshing and enlightening.
-It appears that we may get some stormy weather today. That could be interesting.
-We were told that just a few minutes after we got of the ocean yesterday some dolphins were spotted swimming just beyond where we had been jumping the waves. Seeing that would have been incredible.
-The timing of our vacation and my message for this coming Sunday is perfect. It is almost like someone a lot smarter than me was planning it all. Come Sunday and you will understand.
-I am reading a lot while on vacation. That is the norm for my wife and I when we vacation by ourselves. I am reading a mix of Christian books, fiction mysteries and a lot of scripture.
-I have typed several notes into my phone while I have been here. When I get away, get out of routine and read a variety of material my mind refreshes and creativity begins to surface. I love when that is happening.
-Talked with my Dad last evening. He sounded good. He will turn 89 on Friday.
-We have enjoyed 5 straight days of sunshine here. I think we had 5 days of sunshine in the past month at home. Hopefully we can direct some toward home before we leave.
-I am not sure but I may have caught a glimpse of some lightening a moment ago. We certainly don’t have sunshine yet today. Looks like we will be reading inside today. Gotta go, this should be interesting to watch.
Here’s hoping that you find something to refresh your mind today.


10 Things I have Learned (But not mastered) about Marriage …

The idea for this post came to me while I was laying on the beach on vacation. It could be the sunburn, it could be the waves or it could be that I am inspired by spending time with my wife when we have absolutely no schedule. Whatever is prompting me, here are my thoughts …

1. God’s design for marriage is awesome – God really seems to know what He is doing in all areas of life but after nearly 41 years of marriage to the love of my life I am convinced that His design for this marriage is one of His best ideas. His plan is stated in Genesis 2:24 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” The picture is of two flawed people choosing to unite and stay connected to one another. Choosing to join and stay together. We are part of an awesome design.

2. An awesome design doesn’t guarantee success – God’s plan is awesome. But since it is designed for two flawed people to follow, there will be problems. Let’s do the math. A flawed man and a flawed woman choose to marry each other. That equals two flawed people coming together with the promise to love each other for richer (not yet), for poorer (got this one nailed), for better (many times), for worse (had some of those as well), in sickness (we’ve had some of these with more to come) or in health. In our wedding vows, we promised to stick with it until we are parted by death. This is not a fairy tale it is real life with two flawed people. That equals success only if we stick with it and keep working at, flaws and all.

3. Not all marriages look the same – This is true of both good and not so good marriages. They don’t, and won’t, all look the same. Beware of the comparison game. Not all good marriages look alike. They will have similar things in them and likely have many of the same foundational principles. However, they will not look the same. The reason? There are different people in that marriage. Look for the positive traits of another marriage and seek out the principles they are following. But do not compare and criticize your spouse because they are not like someone else’s spouse. Look for the positive in your spouse and your marriage. God created you uniquely, therefore your marriage will be unique because it is made up of two unique people, you and your spouse.

4. Marriage is an adventure – Sometimes that adventure is like a kiddy ride at Disney World and other times it is like the fastest roller coaster you can imagine. Hold on tight and scream with delight. It is supposed to be an adventure. Enjoy the ride. I have not enjoyed the rough patches, but I have loved the ride. I often wish I had done some things differently. Especially when my actions put us in the rough patches. But I wouldn’t trade what we learned through those times for anything. I have loved our adventure so far and I am excited for the rest of our adventure. We haven’t even gotten to the wheelchair races yet. (Keep reading, that last sentence will eventually make sense.)

5. No matter how much you prepare for marriage, you are not prepared – I prefer to see people go through some type of pre-marital counseling and I insist on it if I am doing the wedding ceremony. As much as I believe in getting wise counsel before getting married, I know that no amount of counsel beforehand will adequately prepare you for the everyday stuff of marriage. There are just too many variables in a relationship with two people, with their own flaws, with different family dynamics in their own families to be able to prepare for all that they will encounter.

6. Showing your love and commitment to your spouse goes much deeper than saying I love you – I am a big proponent of saying “I love you” often. I believe you should say the words a lot and that you should write them to your spouse often. Even if you say, “I love you” with great frequency you must still show it. I am continuing to learn that showing your love and commitment is vital to a lasting and happy marriage.

7. Laugh a lot – We do this one well. We do it better now, after nearly 42 years than we did in our first few years. Laughter is good for you and it is great for your marriage. Don’t laugh at each other, well don’t laugh at each other without also laughing at yourself. Laugh together and make laughter something that is woven into the fabric of your marriage and home. Laughter can break tension. Laughter can lift spirits. Laughter is contagious. Laughter is attractive. (Except maybe Janice’s laugh on Friends.)

8. Seek what is best for the other person – Still learning this one. This one is near the top of the most important things to learn and do in a marriage. Look for what is best for your spouse and then do it. In the simple things (remembering to lower the toilet seat) and in the more complicated things (making decisions for your marriage and family). I could go on and on about this one. Not because I always do it well, but because of how important it is in every marriage. Just ask, “What is best in this situation for my spouse?” Then do everything in your power to make that happen.

9. Talk to each other – Talk about the day, about the weather, about the kids, about work, about the Cubs (or some other team if you have to). Ask questions about how your spouse is doing. Talk about the sermon at church (we do this one a lot!). Talk and listen to each other. You should talk more with your spouse than you do your best friend. Why? Because you are married to your spouse and everything in your lives should matter to each of you. We all need friends, but your spouse should get more of you than your friends or your work.

10. Look forward to what is coming – You have all kinds of adventures in front of you in your marriage. If you are just getting started, or if you have been married for nearly 42 years, you have a lot yet to come. Look forward. Enjoy the memories, but get more jazzed about what is coming than anything in the past. Look forward to kids coming. Look forward to graduating college. Look forward to kids going to school. Look forward to your kids getting their driver’s license (Hey, they can run errands for you when they can drive.). Look forward to your kids leaving home (at some point they should). Look forward to grandkids (having grandkids is awesome!). Look forward to retirement. Look forward to having races in your wheelchairs. No matter what, look forward with great anticipation.

These are few things I have learned, and am still learning, about marriage. I pray that they might help you or at least get you thinking and talking.


I’m Tired …

I have made that statement too often in recent weeks. The irony is that I am tired of being tired. I have figured out the biggest reason that I have been tired so often recently. It is time to make a change. Actually. it is a reboot and a return to something.

What I have come to realize is that my fatigue is a result of something lacking.

It is not sleep that I am lacking. It is not healthy food or vitamins. It is not exercise and it is not time off. My wife might comment at this point and say that I have been lacking all of the above. She might be correct. But those things are not why I have been tired.

I have been tired because of a lack of creativity. I love to dream of possibilities. I love to imagine what could be. I love to create, sometimes to a fault. I realize that I have been tired because I have allowed some things, and some people, to steal my creativity, and I am tired of it.

It is time for a reboot. It is time to be creative. It is time to make some changes and release my creativity again.

I am annoyed that I allowed this to happen. I am grieved that I stifled some other people’s creativity during this time. Please accept my apology.

Acts 2:17 says, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” This verse from Acts is quote from Joel 2:28. Old or young, I want to be a part of this holy creativity. I love that in God’s plan, we are never too old or too young to a part of His creative plans.

This afternoon I shook loose some of the junk that has been weighing on me. I began typing some thoughts on possible things. It was invigorating and it was convicting because it has been too long. But I am focusing on the invigorating part because I have dealt with the convicting part.

It is time for this change/reboot on my God-given creativity.

Look out and hold on, this could be a bumpy ride. One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring and if you join in it will be a blast.



Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. I was very invested in the message and carried a heavy burden to present it in a way that pierced people’s hearts and minds. I also am wrestling with heartbreak of hearing about the deaths of 5 people over the weekend. Each of these deaths were ones where I either knew the person who died or the family who was impacted. What makes it even more difficult is that the ages of the 5 were between a few weeks old up to 20 years old. As for my musings …

-God was moving in my heart all weekend.

-Our Annual District Assembly was Friday night and Saturday. It was an outstanding time of vision casting, celebrating and personal challenge. It is a time when we gather to do business as well, but even while doing all of the necessary things of the Assembly God showed up and we really had church. On two occasions the altars were lined with people surrendering and seeking. That was my kind of Assembly.

-In the afternoon, I met with a family in preparation for preaching the funeral service for a special man who was a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and brother. The funeral is later this morning. This will be my 4th funeral in 9 weeks.

-I have a question/statement that has been rolling around in my soul recently. Why not? The impetus has been a frustration in not seeing more happening in my churches and in me. Looking at all that God has done many times in many places and asking “Why not here? Why not now?”

-Attendance was down at both churches. This was the first weekend of Spring Break for our local schools.

-Weather yesterday was outstanding. Warm and sunny. It was so nice that my wife and I went out to one the city parks and took a leisurely walk in the late afternoon.

-I am really looking forward to Easter Sunday.

-This week I will join with another pastor and begin teaching a course on fatherhood at a prison located in our community. We will be working with men who are scheduled to be released within the year. I am excited to get started with this opportunity.

-I am enjoying watching some baseball and I am still adjusting to the fact that my Cubs are defending World Series Champs.

-I have really been missing my grandkids recently.

-I loved being a part of the ordination service for 5 great people at our District Assembly.

-Last week I began leading a group of 11 people in our 3rd level, we call them steps, of discipleship training. The plan is that they will begin to lead someone else in this same process that they are now finishing. We have another 15 people who have finished the 1st level and we are praying that they will continue the process. We are seeking to make disciples, not just stack up decisions.

-Yesterday my Assistant Pastor went live on Facebook for a few minutes during the message. This was a little test run. It went well and the reaction was good. With the positive results of that test on Easter Sunday we will be going live for most, or all, of the message. We already have the messaged recorded and available on our Facebook page and website.

Here’s hoping that you find some time this week to prepare yourself for Easter and to invite several people to join you on Sunday.



Sometimes I Don’t Like Me Very Much …

Can you relate to this title? I am not looking for pity and this is not a passive aggressive attempt for pats on the back. I am simply stating a fact. There are times that I don’t like me very much. These times are usually triggered by my failure to do something that I know needs to be done. Or at least putting it off so long that it becomes an emergency that must be rushed. I don’t like myself in those situations. I usually have some intense conversations with myself in these moments. It is not a pretty picture. But it is true, at least for me. Do you ever have times like this?

I have been wrestling with the why of all this recently. Why do I do this? Why don’t I simply do what I know needs to be done, especially considering that I am painfully aware of the feelings that will pop up if I don’t? Why do I repeat this behavior and put myself into such a frustrating cycle?

After much reflection, I have come up with 3 big whys for this tendency of mine.

My 3 Whys …

-I often delay, avoid, or run from, what I know I need to do because I will have to change some behavior. Ironically, I am a person who generally likes a lot of change. When I hear “We’ve never done it that way before”, my default response is “Great, let’s try it!” And yet, I still resort to familiar, comfortable or convenient behavior when I don’t really want to do something. When this happens, I don’t like me very much.

-I sometimes don’t want to do something because I am not sure I can do it well. As much of an adventurer as I normally am there are times that I back off just because I don’t think I can something well enough. This seemingly random reaction on my part reveals some natural insecurities. Whether it is normal or not, doesn’t help me to like myself any better for not doing it.

-There are also times when I just don’t want to do something because I am afraid that it will work. Think about it. While it is true that if I attempt something and it doesn’t work or I fail at it, I will be sad, maybe embarrassed or mad. It is also true that if I don’t do it well the expectations for the next time will be lowered or, I might not even be expected to do it again. However, if I go for it and it works, then things may never be the same again. This can be a little overwhelming when you think about it. And I think about it a lot. I don’t like myself much when I realize this is the reason I don’t do what I know to do.

I am convinced that these 3 whys are not just issues for me, but that many people struggle with the same or similar issues. I am certain that they show up every Sunday in churches of all sizes, shapes and styles.

What are your whys? Is there one that plaques you more than others?

I am comforted to know that God’s grace is sufficient for all of us. I am motivated to reduce those times of not doing what I know to do by this same amazing grace and by the fact that there are others watching. Let’s encourage one another to make a change, to get over our fears and do what God has created and called us to do and to be who He longs for us to be.