Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a wonderful, and exhausting, day. God showed up and worked where I failed, and many people helped by filling in for those who were not able to be in attendance. As for my musings …

-I am sitting at my kitchen table this morning as I type this post. I am my wife’s caretaker for a few days. She had double knee replacement surgery last Wednesday. She came home on Saturday and is doing fantastic. She is getting up and down from her recliner by herself (I am standing by her, just in case.) She walks around the house with her walker and I am just her back-up. I am keeping track of the medicine she is taking and getting food to her when she feels like eating. The pain medicine is messing with her stomach a little. I am in awe of how well she is doing. She is a rock star!

-Yesterday one of my sons in law came and led worship for us. My wife normally leads and given her current situation (see above paragraph), she is unable to do that for a little while. He came last minute because the person I thought was coming to help let me know on Friday afternoon that they would not be able to help. So, he, my daughter and 3 of our grandkids, rearranged their schedules and made the 3 ½ hour trip from Iowa to help. It was a special blessing to have all of them here. Plus, my son in law is really good at leading worship.

-Our daughter from Michigan made the over 4-hour trip on Saturday to be here when we got home from the hospital. She stayed beside my wife on Saturday night so that I could get some sleep before Sunday morning. She stayed with her while I was at church. She prepared a few meals for us to heat up before she left Sunday afternoon.

-I am blessed with a great family. With the help of technology, I was able to keep our son, and his family (they are serving in Africa), informed of my wife’s progress all week. They couldn’t come to help, but they have been praying and sending support.

-We had a few other people who had unexpected circumstances yesterday and were unable to attend and serve in their normal places. Our people adjusted, and others stepped in and did well. I love our congregation and our community.

-I did a terrible job of presenting the message yesterday. The Holy Spirit did a fantastic job of speaking to people’s minds and hearts. We had several people respond at the end of the service. God is good.

-My wife and I are so blessed to have such a caring and generous congregation. They have filled in for us this past week. They have lifted us in prayer. They have provided food, care and compassion.

-I had a funeral on Friday last week. That makes either 9 or 10 funerals I have participated in since January 1. Just like the snow that came overnight, I am ready for that to change.

-We are waiting for the home health care to come and set up my wife’s home therapy schedule.

-Burdened this morning for a couple of ministry friends who are in difficult situations. Praying that they will be assured of God’s presence and guidance. Praying that they have people come alongside them to encourage them. Praying that they will know God’s will. Praying that I can be the friend and support that they need.

-I am really being challenged by a book my District Superintendent gave to all the pastors on our District. The book is “Hero Maker”, by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird. I began reading it while my wife was in surgery. I am about half way through the book and have marked it up and written notes in the margins. I will write more about what the book is stirring in me when I finish the book.

Here’s hoping you find someone to encourage today and that you will be encouraged by something today.




Well Done Dad …

If you are talking about a steak, well done means no pink and some crust on the meat. If you are giving a compliment to someone, well done means that what you accomplished was done with excellence. But if you are talking about the evaluation of a life, well done means a life lived to the fullest in obedience of service for Jesus Christ. It means a life of impact and influence. It means a life that made other people’s lives better. It means hearing the words “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Well done describes my Dad’s life.

If a mischievous smile and a twinkle in the eye were an Olympic sport my Dad would have won a gold medal. When it came to teasing people, and still making them feel good, my Dad was a master. When it came to encouraging you to keep going and not give up, my Dad may have been the best. When it came to making you feel better just with his presence, there may have been no one better than my Dad. Well done, Dad, well done.

When it came to motivating a group of people to grow as followers of Christ and become a church that makes a difference, my Dad excelled. When it came to giving a challenge, one that you remembered, he always came through. When it came to being the pastor that you wanted for your church, it was my Dad. Well done, Dad.

When it came to living what he preached, my Dad did it better than anyone I have ever known. A person who worked with him at factory when Dad was a bi-vocational pastor said of Dad, “The direction of his walk always matched his talk.” Well done Dad.

When it came to making the loudest finger snap known to mankind, Dad was the best. If I was not listening, or if I was beginning to misbehave in church he would drop that right hand outside the pulpit and SNAP his fingers. It was so loud the whole congregation would sit up straight. My head would pop up from wherever I was and then I got the look. This is etched in my memory because I heard it more times than I could count. All of this took place without Dad missing a word of his sermon. He kept me in line, he kept me listening and he kept me interested in Christ. Well done Dad, well done.

When it came to embracing people and making them a part of the family Dad was outstanding. He did this with all of us in the family, he did this with all who entered the family, he did it with all whose family he entered and everyone who was in his church family. He left no doubt that we were loved. Well done Dad.

Between my Mom and Marge, Dad was married for more than 69 years. Dad did it with excellence and set an incredible example of what it meant to be a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Well done Dad.

Most of all, Dad took the admonition of John 10:10 to heart “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” You lived life to the full Dad. You showed us how to live life fully for Christ, for your family, your church and everyone you came across. Well done, Dad.

Enjoy your eternity. Enjoy reconnecting with so many who are in heaven because of your influence. Enjoy no more pain. Enjoy the return of a strong voice. Enjoy eating ice cream again without worrying about your blood sugar numbers. Enjoy running and jumping again. Enjoy hearing “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Well done Dad, thanks for the example.


Hurting, but Joyful, Smiling with Tears …

I have been wrestling for some time with this truth about myself. My heart hurts, but the reason my heart hurts also brings me joy. How can that be? Am I just fooling myself? It doesn’t seem to make sense, but it is true. I am sure that you don’t understand, at least not yet.

I have shared many times that my son, daughter (in-law) and their 5 children (my grandchildren) are serving as missionaries. They are serving in Africa. The country in which they were serving, Central Africa Republic (CAR), has been through tumultuous times in the past and is currently going through them again.

My kids, and the team on which they were serving, had to be evacuated on the Saturday before Easter. A day before the celebration of Christ’s resurrection that provides the Good News. It was called an emergency evacuation. They could only take a small bag with them as they were rushed away. They didn’t have time to say any proper goodbyes to neighbors and other friends or the community in which they were serving.

As a parent and grandparent, I am grateful that they were removed safely. But my heart hurts for them and the people they were reaching. Much of the town in which they lived is destroyed. Nearly everyone living in that town, a few thousand people, have fled. The reports are that the only people remaining are those who were physically unable to flee.

The people have scattered and not all of them know where members of their families are located, or if they are even alive. Some crossed the border into Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), some made it to other towns in CAR and others may have gone even further.

It is heartbreaking for my son, daughter in law and grandkids. The people who fled, and are now refugees through no fault of their own, were friends and neighbors. Some had come to faith in Christ. Many of them helped them to adapt and adjust to the town, the country and the culture. Those people are not just numbers in a news report, they have names and faces that my kids can still see in their prayers.

My joy is in knowing that God is still God and he is Lord. My heart hurts for my kids and for those people who loved my kids. My joy comes from knowing that my kids and grandkids know Jesus as their personal Savior and that they are physically safe. My heart hurts for the people who had to flee from their homes, their families, their friends, their work and their land because some others wanted to exert power over them.

My joy is knowing that no matter what my kids and grandkids are facing God is with them and that he loves them ferociously. My heart hurts knowing that I so often take for granted the ease with which I can minister and live for Jesus when so many live in daily danger.

Frequently, during the past 4+ years I have been asked by people “How can you let your kids and grandkids go so far away into dangerous situations?” My answer has been, and still is, that God is leading them. I either trust God or I don’t trust him. I am convinced that he is leading them, and that he was leading them when went to CAR. Therefore, I trust. That doesn’t mean I don’t hurt. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever have any fear. That doesn’t mean I don’t shed tears. That doesn’t mean that I don’t pray for their safety. But it does mean, that I also pray for their relationship with Christ. It means that I pray for their ministry. It means that I pray that I can what they need me to be as a supporter and prayer warrior on their behalf.

So today, with tears often escaping my eyes and landing dangerously near my keyboard, I pray and I trust. Today, I am joyful and have some pain as well.

Isn’t how it should be every day?



3 years is a long time …

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “Well, duh! Of course 3 years is a long time.” Or maybe you are taking a long view of things and thinking 3 years isn’t so long when compared to a lifetime or compared to eternity. 

Let me put my statement of fact that 3 years is a long time into perspective. In the last 3 years I have moved 2 states away to become pastor of a different church. I have since added another church and am currently pastoring 2 churches. Also I have had the joy of welcoming 2 new grandkids, 2 bright, beautiful, lively girls were born into our family in the past 3 years. My daughters and their families have both moved, one of them 2 states away and one of them across town, all in the past 3 years. A lot can change in 3 years because 3 years is a long time.

Why am I bringing up the fact that 3 years is a long time? Yesterday I drove my son and 2 of my grandsons to the airport where they boarded a flight taking them to Kenya. Actually they are returning to Kenya. Just over 3 years ago my son, daughter in law and 5 of my grandkids headed to Kenya where they have been serving as missionaries. They have been back in the states for 5 weeks. All of them were with us for 10 days when they first arrived and my son and 2 of his boys were with us for 4 days again. My daughter in law will be taking my oldest grandson to college in a couple of days. Then next week my son flies back from Kenya and I will pick him up along with my daughter in law and their 2 youngest kids. They will be using our home as their base for 5 weeks while they speak at a few churches and see some friends and family. Then they will get on a plane and head back to Africa to begin serving in a brand new ministry in a different county. 

The greatest adjustments will be for my son, daughter in law and their kids. They will be scattered across 2 continents and 3 different countries. I have been praying for their adjustments to this new reality. In fact I began praying for their adjustments almost a year ago knowing it would be difficult for all of them.

Yesterday as my wife and I hugged our grandsons there were tears, at least there was in our eyes. As we walked back to our vehicle to begin the 3 hour drive home I said, “That was a lot harder than last time, because now we know how long 3 years is”. You see, I know that 3 years is a long time.

When we dedicated our son to the Lord we committed to raise him according to God’s Word and we agreed to embrace God’s will for his life. We still embrace that commitment. We didn’t know how long 3 years were back then, but we do now. I am thrilled that all of my kids are serving the Lord and I am excited that my son and his family are being obedient, even if it means that they (remember that includes grandkids) are more than 16 flying hours away. But there are moments that are not easy. Yesterday was one of those moments.

The key to all of this is to be obedient. To remember that a commitment to serve and follow Jesus sometimes means that many things change. But God is still God and He is still watching over my kids and grandkids. I comfort myself with the knowledge that God loves my kids and grandkids even more than I do. 

But for today the tears are spilling from my eyes even as I smile and I keep thinking, “3 years is a long time”. But I also remember how sweet the reunions are after 3 years.

Here’s hoping that you are following the one who loves you so much that He gave his life for you no matter where it takes you. God is still God and he is greater than 3 years, no matter where you are for those years.


Monday Morning Musings …

I couldn’t do my musings this morning as we were saying goodbye to the 2nd of our 3 kids and family as they headed back home. What a glorious weekend and what an outstanding Sunday we experienced. I am overwhelmed today. As for my musings …

-They were all here. All 16 of them, which made 18 of us all together for the very first time. My wife and I, our 3 children, their wonderful spouses and our 10 awesome grandkids. On Wednesday we picked up my son and family as they returned to the states after serving as missionaries the last 3 years in Kenya. On Thursday afternoon our oldest daughter and family arrived to join the festivities. Then on Friday evening our youngest daughter and family arrived to complete the crew! It was awesome! The last time we were all together there were only 16 of us. Two of grandkids were born while our son and family were in Kenya. So there was a lot of catching up to do. There was a lot of hugging. There were more smiles than could be counted. There was raucous laughter erupting all over the house often. There were games to be played and stories to share. There were pictures to take and much food to be eaten. There were fierce hugs and some tears as we began to separate again. And it was amazing! 

-We experienced the hottest weather we have had since I moved here two and a half years ago. That limited the activities to the indoors.

-Both of my churches had good attendance and especially for late July in this type of heat.

-We had major technical problems at both churches. So frustrating.

-The spirit was good in my 9:00 church and it was outstanding in my 10:30 church.

-I preached with a shovel in my hand. (Maybe I will share why in another post. I like to keep them on their toes during the message.) 

-As part of my 10:30 church’s worship one of the kids from church presented a check to my son and daughter in law. The check was for a wonderful ministry called Kenya Kids Can. They feed 16,000 school children a day. My son and daughter in law worked in this ministry as one of their ministries in Kenya. The money came from the children during our Vacation Bible School. The check was for $540 and was just part of the offerings the children gave. The other part went to support a pastor’s child’s schooling in Kenya for the next year. It was a very special and moving moment in our worship. 

-Last week our church was broken into and someone damaged 3 doors and ruined our safe. The person was caught in the act by the local police while doing a routine patrol. The person did not get away with anything since they were caught in the act. Our safe held up, but it will need to be replaced. Last Monday was a very difficult day. My heart is breaking for the person who broke in and for their family. It made quite the splash in the news, not exactly the type of publicity we were looking for.

-Today is my 2nd grandson’s 16th birthday.

-Yesterday I shared some of what God has been pressing me on personally (see my post titled “My Monday Morning Wreck”) and how I believe He wants all of us to respond to the needs around us. We are seeking ways to go deeper (see the connection with the shovel) so that we can grow up and produce the fruit of changed lives and helping those most in need. God is really up to something special in our town.

Here’s hoping that you are seeing ways to make a difference in your community and that you are courageously stepping out to help people.


Tuesday’s Thoughts …

Sunday was an outstanding day and this week is going to be epic. Yesterday was one of the most difficult days I have ever had in my ministry. I was awakened Monday morning at 1:30 am with a phone call. Since then a couple of other emergencies have arisen and my thoughts and emotions are exhausted. As for my thoughts (they can’t be musings because it is Tuesday not Monday) … 

-My 10:30 church had our Vacation Bible School last week and the kids shared a few songs, there was a lesson shared and I got to share that the 50+ kids who attended brought in $900. They gave enough to cover the school costs for the next year for a girl we support in Africa and they will be sending a good amount to help with a program that feeds 16,000 students a day in Kenya. Some of the kids brought in money they have been saving and one boy had been saving coins since last year’s VBS. He brought in gallons of coins. One day when I took the coins in to the bank’s coin counter, the machine was overwhelmed and stopped working!

-Many of the kids who attended VBS were here Sunday and we had a few parents who don’t normally attend our church here as well. Our attendance was good as was the energy and spirit in the service.

-My 9:00 church had a nasty rain storm arrive about 25 minutes before our worship began. It was dark as night and raining very hard as the service started. An hour later it had stopped and the sun peeked out. Our attendance was down but we worshiped with passion anyway.

-The reason this week is going to be epic is because my son, daughter in law and 5 of my grandkids are arriving back in the states tomorrow after serving the past 3 years in Kenya! My wife and I will pick them up at the airport tomorrow along with their 21 pieces of luggage. We are taking a vehicle just for the luggage and then a minivan that has been loaned to our kids as well. We are very excited. 

-The greatest part of this week is that all of our kids and grandkids will be at our house this weekend. That will be 18 of us. We have added 2 since the crew went to serve in Africa. Someone is allowing us to use their RV while everyone is here to give us some extra sleeping space.

-My heart is breaking over a couple of the emergencies that have come our way in the past 36 hours. I was already planning to begin a new sermon series this Sunday that focuses on going deeper, praying harder and living authentically.

-Prayers are appreciated as my planned study time has been destroyed yesterday and today.

-This morning my wife and I went out for breakfast and one of our kids who comes with someone other than his family came into the restaurant with some of his family. He came straight to us and gave each of us a big hug. We talked with him and his family a little and reminded the family members that they are always welcome to come to church with him. That was a nice little bright spot.

-With everything that has taken place the past 2 days here and the past few weeks around the world I have been reminded of the phrase my Dad continued to share in his 44 years of ministry. “No matter what is happening, God is still God”. I have been saying “God is still God” over and over to myself and to a few others. I am grateful for this truth and for a Dad who continues to live this out. 

-I recently wrote this during one of my prayer times “My inaction is an indication that my prayers are empty words. If I prayer with the desire to be surrendered to Christ and to see Him move in my life then I must follow Him. Following requires action on my part.” I pray that inaction will never again be descriptive of my life.

Here’s hoping that you find a bright spot today. I am praying that you will recognize and live with the truth that God is still God echoing in your life.



Monday Morning Musings …

The Monday after a few days of vacation, especially when I was gone on Sunday, are always an interesting mix of joy at being back at it again and wishing for a few more days away. I think my laptop is having trouble getting back into the routine as well. Maybe because I shut it off on Thursday morning when we left town and didn’t turn it back on until this morning. As for my musings … 

-We went to see and spend some time with my dad, stepmom, brother and sister in law, stepsister and her husband and a few other family members over the weekend. The trip is a little over 6 hours each way.

-It was a wonderful weekend.

-2 of my daughters and 5 of my grandkids joined us for this little family time. One of my daughters came to our place and we rode together with her 20 month old and 5 month old girls. They made traveling a lot more fun. My other daughter and her 3 kids, ages 9, 6 and 4 met us there. Needless to say we were never lacking energy (from the kids) or entertainment.

-My Dad had not met the 3 youngest members of the clan. That was fun to witness. My stepmom played piano at the request of the great grandkids and the 20 month old accompanied her and danced to the tunes. Now that is entertainment. 

-I was able to sit and worship with my Dad yesterday morning. I haven’t been able to do that very many times. He pastored for 44 years before he retired and I have been pastoring for 33 years. The last time he and I sat together in a service was at my son’s Ordination service 6 or 7 years ago.

-It sounds like things went very well here while I was gone. That gives me great joy. I was not concerned one bit and that enabled me to have a very relaxing and refreshing time away.

-It appears that the services went well at both of my churches and that the attendance was reasonable at both as well. I have already gotten 2 unsolicited praises about the message our new Assistant Pastor preached, 1 from each church.

-We are beginning Vacation Bible School at my 10:30 church tonight. The place looks incredible. The VBS is entitled “Cave Quest” and our whole building is decorated to look like caves. We have waterfalls, a boat, rocks everywhere, bats flying, and other critters watching from many of the walls. We also have several adults and some teens who are excited and ready for the students to arrive tonight. 

-My 9:00 church will begin their VBS in 3 weeks. People are furiously making plans and getting things ready.

-It is always interesting to me how visiting another church nearly always makes me miss my churches and people.

-It was different to sit through an entire worship service and not have any part in it.

-I also found that Sunday morning before worship begins is really long when I am not getting ready to preach. I got up 2 hours later than I normally do on a Sunday and still felt that there was a lot of time until church. How do you do that every week? That would take some getting used to for me.

-My son, daughter (in law) and 5 grandkids will arrive in the States in 9 days!!!! After 3 years in Kenya.

-It appears that we are going to have a weekend with all 18 of us together, my wife and I, our 3 children and our in law kids and 10 grandkids at our house for a couple of days. I am really pumped about that and wondering how my wife and I will contain our joy when it does take place. 

Here’s hoping that you find some joy in your day and that you pass it on. I need to go make sure the critters in the building are behaving.


Signs that You Grew Up as a Pastor’s Kid … just for fun

If you were always expected to volunteer to pray when the teacher asked in Sunday School, then you very likely grew up as a Pastor’s kid. I know this feeling, I grew up as a Pastor’s kid. My 3 kids grew up as Pastor’s kids. Several of my grandkids are growing up as Pastor’s kids. There is a lot of unique things about being a Pastor’s kid, some of it is fun and some of it can be frustrating.

If you knew the shortcuts, or secret passages, around your church building you probably grew up as a Pastor’s kid.

You likely grew up as a Pastor’s kid if you know what it feels like to stand in front of the whole congregation while your parents open a Christmas card with money in it and all you want to know is “What is my cut?”

Pastor’s kids know what it is like to have the whole congregation turn and look at you when your preaching parent says “The other day one of my kids did …”

If you knew what it was like to go to people’s home for dinner who had no kids your age, just because your parent was the pastor, and have to sit at the table for what seemed like hours listening to the adults talk, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you knew what it was to wonder if the fact that you got in trouble at school would get your parent in trouble at church, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you knew what it was like to be able to walk into the pastor’s study/office even with the door closed, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you had to go to church, sometimes even Sunday School, while on vacation, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you knew what was on the shelves on the back side of the pulpit at your church, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If the words “church board meeting” created worry lines on the foreheads of your parents, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you knew the joy, and curse, of everyone in the church knowing your first and middle names and your birthday, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you had someone in your church who slipped you candy and seemed always know when you needed a hug even when you weren’t related, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid. Quite often then someone seemed to take on a grandparent role with you. My kids had a few of these who they still think of fondly.

If you had to go to midweek kid’s and youth meetings no matter how much homework you claimed to have, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

If you ever spent a Saturday night at a friend’s house who did not attend church and got picked up by your parents so that you would not miss church, you probably grew up as a pastor’s kid.

Feel free to add to the list if you grew up as a pastor’s kid. Here’s hoping you have a week with some great laughs and enough smiles to share a few with others.



Sometimes You Just Gotta Make Some Noise …

I walked into our local public library, I heard her and then I saw her and then ….

A while ago my wife and I had the joy of having 3 of our grandchildren stay with us for a few days. The range of their ages are 8, 5 and 3. Those are ages of great energy, noise, laughter, emotion and joy. I absolutely love being around my grandkids

I noticed that my grandkids often ran to wherever we were going. Even when they walked they would mix in a few hops and skips. Their energy seemed boundless at times. Did I ever have that much extra energy?

I walked into our local public library, I heard her and then I saw her and then …

It was not just the extra energy that changed our house while my grandkids were here, it was the noise volume. It went up several decibels. Some of the noise was laughter, some of it was loud talking attempting to get someone’s attention and sometimes it was just loud yells of joy for the fun of it.

I walked into our local public library (as in no loud talking, no running and never ever any yelling allowed), I heard her and then I saw her and then …

You are very likely smiling as you read of these noisy exploits of my grandkids. I will confess that I am smiling as I remember and type these thoughts. You are smiling as you picture children of these ages and imagine the smiles, the energy and the noise. I am smiling because they are my grandkids and I always smile when I think of my grandkids.

But there is something else isn’t there? If you are thinking anything like I am your question is along the lines of “When did I stop living life with this kind of joy and when did I stop making noise just because life is good?”

I walked into our local public library (as in no loud talking, no running and never ever any yelling allowed), I heard her as she yelled “Grandpa” and then I saw her as she came running across the library and then … without worrying about where we were she launched herself into my legs and gave me huge hug.

Jeremiah chapter 20 verse 9 says, “…his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.”

Here’s to hoping that you and I get a little bolder and make some noise. Here’s hoping that we don’t allow circumstances, fears, worries, or just the passing years to stifle our voices. Here’s hoping that you take a moment to yell this week, to tell someone about the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Bonus points if you choose to yell during a worship service!


3 Answered Prayers …

Yesterday was one of my son in laws birthday. As I was thinking of him (and how I didn’t get a card in the mail in time to get to him on his birthday, again) I was reminded of 3 long time prayers that have been answered. My wife and I to watch 3 children enter this world, 1 son and 2 daughters. Before they were born we prayed for them. Then not long after they were born we began praying for their future spouse, if they made the choice to marry.

We prayed that they would find and choose someone who loved Jesus as their personal Savior above all else. When our kids began to get serious with someone we always asked if they loved Jesus. In fact, when we met the son in law who just had the birthday for the very first time with several of our family together for a meal, we were about to call it a night and my wife said to him, “I just have one question for you, do you love Jesus?” He answered that he did. Each of the kids who joined our family by marrying into it answered the same.

Our biggest concern was not about what any of our soon to be in laws were going to do for a living. Instead our biggest concern was who they were living for. By the way, I just consider them one of our kids now, I really don’t think in terms of in-laws. I usually state that they are a son or daughter in law when I speak to others, but in my mind and heart they are one of our kids.

We have been blessed because all 3 of our prayers were answered so beautifully. All 3 of our children found and chose to marry wonderful people who love Jesus. All of our kids, all 6 of them, are serving Christ wherever they are living. We continue to pray for them daily for many things, but we are so grateful for these 3 answered prayers.

We are still praying these prayers for future spouses who love Jesus, only now we are praying it for our grandchildren. Since we have 9 grand kids and we will get to meet number 10 soon, we are spending a lot of time praying. I look forward to meeting these future spouses of my grandkids. I am sure that I will consider them one of my grandkids when they join the family. If they each get married that will mean a lot of grandkids. I think that is awesome.

But since I am praying for 6 kids, soon to be 10 grand kids and their future spouses. I better quit writing for now and go back to praying.

Here’s praying that you are witnessing some answers to prayer as well.