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Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a very good day. It was another “Wow God” time in our worship service as our children told the Christmas story brilliantly. As for my musings …

-Our children did such a good job of showing, sharing, singing and telling the Christmas story. Our preschoolers, I think they were about 7 of them, did a good job of sharing with us. I think preschoolers, when they are sharing up front, are good no matter what they do. Our kindergarten through 4th graders, there were 21 of them, did so well singing, acting and telling the story. There were touching moments and funny moments as well. 6 of our youth were the narrators and readers for the story, they did very well.

-The presentation by the children was even more meaningful when you know some of the backstory of several of these children. I was deeply moved as I watched and listened.

-Weather cooperated as the rain that was forecasted for the entire morning never arrived.

-There was a funny moment as the program finished. The children wanted to thank my wife, she directed and put the program together, near the conclusion of the children’s program. 4 of the girls brought her up front, gave her a bouquet of flowers and then gave her a hug. Then things escalated. Suddenly all the children came off the platform to give her a big group hug. As you might guess, they ended up hugging her down to the floor. She, and several of the children, ended up on the floor. One person told me it was both “one of the scariest, funniest and special things they have ever seen”.

-The attendance, over 200, was the largest for any service or event since I have been here. I am praying that many of them were impacted by the message from the children and that some of them will come back.

-Now the focus is on our Christmas Eve services. We will have one in the morning at our regular time and then a candlelight one in the evening.

-I have been praying for a lot of families this Christmas season who are facing a first, or second, Christmas without a loved one. The truth is that for many every Christmas can be a struggle without a loved one, but I have been especially burdened for many families facing their first or second one with an empty chair. I encourage you to let those you know who are facing a first or second Christmas without a loved one that you are praying for them.

-I don’t know what to expect this coming Sunday. I don’t know if people will be off to family gatherings or if they will attend before heading to family.

-I think the busyness of the past couple of weeks finally hit me last evening. I was asleep before 8:30 and slept for 9 ½ hours.

-Speaking of busyness, I am worried that I am missing something because my calendar for the week doesn’t look very busy.

-I will be playing for my fantasy football league championship this coming week. My team underperformed over the weekend but still pulled out a win.

-Please take a few moments this week to remember, and pray for, missionary families who are not able to come home and spend Christmas with their extended families.

-Yesterday highlighted the importance of people who follow through on their ministry roles. We had some outstanding examples of people who went above and beyond expectations. Without them yesterday would not have been the good day that it turned out to be. So many people who came through and were the unsung stars of the day.

Here’s hoping that you will take the time to encourage others this week. When you encourage others, you will be encouraged yourself.




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