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Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a day for vision. The message was about looking forward and where God is leading us. It was also a day to examine where we are at this moment. It was also a day to grieve with a family who has lost a very special lady. As for my musings …

-This afternoon we will have a service to celebrate the life of one of the most servant-minded ladies I have ever known. It is technically a funeral service and there is a definite feeling of loss. However, we know that she is now pain free and beginning to enjoy the rewards of a life lived for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I ache for her husband. They had been married over 66 years. They were the picture of a husband and wife, “the two shall become one”. They have quietly influenced and impacted hundreds throughout the years. This service is an honor to lead. It will be a joy because of the certainty of her testimony. It will be difficult because I will be looking at her husband and noticing and hurting for the fact that he has lost the love of his life.

-Yesterday I preached about where we go from here. This was the first Sunday of a new church year for us.

-At one of my churches we looked a little more generally about the future, laying the foundation for what we need to do next.

-At one of my churches we looked specifically at some plans for this next year. My Assistant Pastor remarked after the service that when he read the sermon notes to enter them into the computer for the service, that he thought the statements were good. However, when he heard me say them out loud in front of everyone it hit him how impactful they were going to be.

-Yesterday afternoon was the visitation for the family of the lady I mentioned in my first musing. It was very enlightening to observe the interactions for a couple of hours. I saw and heard the impact this humble lady had on so many people of all ages. I always learn a lot observing at a visitation.

-I also had a church board meeting as soon as I left the visitation. It made for a day of great contrasts, with worship services at 2 churches, a funeral visitation, a church board meeting and then some time attempting to unpack everything that took place as I reflected on the day.

-On Wednesday one of my grandkids has a milestone birthday. He turns 10. Hitting double digits is a big deal. I love his creativity, his sensitivity, his love for Jesus, his smile and his laugh, especially when he laughs at his own jokes.

-My grandson’s birthday also marks the 10th anniversary of the loss of one of my uncles. He would have loved my grandson. My uncle laughed at his own jokes as well. He also loved Jesus and his family well. He was the uncle who told embarrassing stories about you to any girl you brought to a family gathering. I miss him.

-I am already excited for this next Sunday’s message.

-I need to get going and finish getting everything ready for the funeral.

Here’s hoping you find a reason to smile today and that you pass that smile on to someone else.




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I am a pastor, writer, and coach who is seeking to encourage people to follow Jesus and regain hope. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and helpmate, a father to great kids who are following Jesus and a grandpa to the greatest grandkids in the world. I have been a coach for many sports and a coach to a few pastors as well. I love sports, love to read, love to fish and love to do anything with my grandkids.

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