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Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me as I preached on God’s vision. It was also the first time that I preached a different sermon at each of the two churches where I serve. As for my musings …

-I got my Sunday morning weather wish yesterday. The weather was mediocre. My theory is that attendance is best on Sundays when the weather is mediocre. If it is really nice people tend to say “it is so nice let’s go do something”, if it is bad they tend to say “it is too bad to get out and go anywhere today”, but when it is mediocre they come to church. We had very good attendance at both churches yesterday. I wish it was mediocre weather every Sunday morning. Just kidding, maybe.

-This preaching, and preparing, 2 different sermons to be preached back to back on Sunday morning takes a lot out of you. At least for me it does.

-The reason for the different sermons is because I was preaching on vision and the two churches are currently at very different places in their ministries right now.

-There was a good spirit in my 9:00 church. People seemed pretty engaged during the whole service and especially during the message. The focus was on getting ourselves ready to receive the vision God has for us.

-On Saturday there were 16 of us from the 2 churches who attended, and participated in, our District’s annual convention for our Sunday School/Discipleship, Missions and Youth ministries. It was a very positive day and it was the first time to attend a District event like this for 4 of the people. I love watching people as they begin to see that we are a part of something much bigger than just our local church(es).

-Yesterday afternoon my wife and I attended a volleyball event to watch some local teens play. We went because we were invited by an unchurched family with which we are building a relationship. So, no Sunday afternoon nap, but reaching people is worth it.

-I love sharing, teaching or preaching on vision, but it always takes a lot out of me. I always get fired up when sharing on vision and yesterday was no exception.

-I am really looking forward to sharing tonight on baptism. Tonight anyone who desires to be baptized, or is curious about baptism is coming and I will teach a little and then answer questions. This will be fun.

-Yesterday I heard from several people who are desiring to get engaged in both some existing, and some new ministries. That put a huge smile on my face. In fact I am smiling as I type this.

-This is a new month which means we are a little closer to our son, daughter in law, and 5 of our grandkids coming to the states from their missionary service in Africa. I am just a little bit, okay a whole lot, excited about this fact.

-There was an electric feel to the worship service at my 10:30 church. People were really into the music and prayer and they seemed to be very engaged during the sermon. I am very excited to see how people respond to the vision we are pursuing.

-I was able to announce that we are adding an Assistant Pastor to our staff beginning in June. This will be a part-time position, for now. He will work with me in both churches. This is a huge step for these 2 churches.

-Another positive note from yesterday is that some people asked about becoming members. That is always a good thing.

-This morning we started a 5:30 am prayer time. Two days a week, for now, we are going to open the building and have designated times of prayer from 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning. People can come and go for any of this time that they are able to be here. This morning there were 5 of us who came and prayed. That is a great beginning. I am not by nature a morning person, but I know that we need to get more serious about actually praying, not just making prayer lists. I am also praying that some people will rise up and seek to lead some other times of prayer throughout the week. These are in addition to personal times of prayer. Nothing of great significance ever seems to happen without people first engaging in prayer.

Here’s hoping that you know someone is praying for you this week. If no one else is praying for you I will, just let me know and I will pray for you.



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