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A Love/Hate Relationship

A Love/Hate Relationship. What? A pastor can’t have a love/hate relationship with someone. It is not a “someone” it is a “something”. The something that I have a love/hate relationship with is Saturdays. It is not the fault of Saturday, it is just that Saturday happens to fall one day before Sunday and for a pastor Sunday is kind of a big deal. Since Sunday is such a big deal and such a critical day of week for what I do, it makes Saturday a very strange day.

I love Saturday because when it appears it means that there are not many hours before I get to Sunday. Sunday means worshiping with some great people, it means I get the awesome opportunity to preach from God’s Word, it means seeing many people give of themselves in service and ministry (it is not the only day in which it is true just the one where more of us are in one place at the same time serving) and it means seeing the faces of of many people who encourage me.

I hate Saturday because it means there are not many hours before I stand in front of a group of people who expect me to speak God’s Word into their lives in a relevant, interesting and applicable manner. While that is one of the aspects of being a pastor that I love it is always overwhelming. Saturday just reminds me that is won’t be long before that awesome opportunity/responsibility arrives.

I love Saturdays because there usually is not a lot on my “you’ve got to be there” schedule. You know those events right? Those events where you really better show up if you know what’s good for you or your position. While I enjoy nearly all of these events, really I do, they can create stress when combined with being just a few hours away from Sunday morning. So Saturdays are great in that there usually aren’t many of these for me, and I can move along in the day more on my pace than someone else’s.

I hate Saturdays because it is too easy to waste the day because there is not a lot of “have to things” scheduled on this day.

I love Saturdays because there are usually some good sporting events to watch. My wife would tell you that if it is called a sporting event then I consider it good to watch. That is simply not true. I do not consider synchronized ribbon twirling as a must watch sport. Now if they would combine that with having to dodge some type of objects being thrown while twirling the ribbons then we have something. But I love that I can often relax on Saturdays watching an entertaining sport.

I hate Saturdays because when I am really ready to preach a message I have to wait another day. There are times that a sermon is burning in my heart so much, and feels so completely ready, that I hate to have to wait another day.

I love Saturdays for the times when I have been struggling with a message all week and I still have one more day in which to settle what God wants me to know and share through the message. On those days I am over the top in love with Saturday. There may, or may not, be many Saturdays that fall into this category.

There you have it, I have a love/hate relationship with Saturdays. Oh, did I mention that I am writing this on a Saturday.



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I am a pastor, writer, and coach who is seeking to encourage people to follow Jesus and regain hope. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and helpmate, a father to great kids who are following Jesus and a grandpa to the greatest grandkids in the world. I have been a coach for many sports and a coach to a few pastors as well. I love sports, love to read, love to fish and love to do anything with my grandkids.

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