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Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was evidence that people pay attention to weather predictions. As for my musings …

-The weather forecast for days said that we were going to get freezing rain, followed by snow on Sunday. The start of this mess kept fluctuating between 9:00 AM and noon. They finally settled on it beginning at 10:00 AM. Attendance was the evidence that people pay close attention to weather forecasts, at least on Sunday mornings. Our attendance was low. The predicted weather came, but it did very little until early afternoon, so the morning drive was not a problem. Today is another story altogether with the ice and snow that came late yesterday. Many schools and other events are cancelled today.

-I have a graveside funeral service this morning at 11:00. It is a few miles out of town. Hopefully, there is no problem getting to the cemetery.

-We have another funeral tomorrow. The service tomorrow will be my 5th funeral in 6 days. I am not preaching tomorrow, but will be helping with the service. 4 of the services involve people connected to our church. Obviously, this has been a busy week with all those funerals and a lot of emotion as well. I don’t know if I have ever had to focus, and then refocus, so many times in a single week.

-Our worship yesterday went well, and there was a good spirit in the service.

-Yesterday I began a new series of messages. This one is entitled “What’s Your Why?” This series is seeking to help people get to their “why” for serving and living. If you only know “what” you are doing and not “why” you will have no passion and not much commitment. When you know why, you are more likely to be engaged, to be passionate, to give your best and to sacrifice. Your why is a big deal.

-Yesterday was the 3rd Sunday in a row with low attendance because of weather. The first was snow, then extreme cold and yesterday was the prediction of ice and snow. I am ready for a good weather Sunday.

-I messed with some people during my message yesterday. I regularly have a sermon outline in the bulletin each Sunday with some places for people to fill in blanks. I did not specifically say the words that were to go into a couple of those blanks. (I have been known to get going in a sermon and move things around.) That is a big deal to the personalities that cannot leave any blank empty. It wasn’t too long after the service finished when I heard about my misstep. Evidently my tech people were on top of it and put words up on the screen even though I didn’t follow the outline.

-The volleyball teams that I help coach are supposed to have their first games tonight. With school being cancelled today I haven’t heard whether the matches will still take place or not.

-This week I have 3 people having some significant procedures and surgeries taking place.

-On Thursday this week my church is hosting all the pastors on our District for a meeting. We hosted one a couple of years ago and enjoyed it.

-We had a significant problem with our van this week. I was first told that it was a transmission problem. First thought was $$$$$. Took it to a place that does that kind of stuff. Got a call from them, not transmission. 😊 Instead, it was a power steering issue. It wasn’t a simple thing, but it wasn’t devastating.

-I am amazed at how warm 20 or 30 degrees feels when you had a week of single digits with wind chills minus 20 and 30.

Here’s hoping you are able to stay warm and find a way to encourage someone else.




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