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Monday Morning Musings …

Yesterday was filled with several interruptions, the best being when God broke through in our worship and moved in many people. As for my musings …

-It seemed that everything in our worship service flowed well and connected each part of the service with the next part. The result was that we were moved by God and knew that we had been in His presence.

-The sermon was on Trusting God. As our service concluded, 50 people made a commitment to trust God with specific issues in their life! They wrote them down, saying they were now trusting God with these issues and laid them on the altar. It was a powerful scene.

-The morning did not start well. We had an issue with the computer we use in our sound and media booth. That problem was corrected easily. Then the projector at the front of our worship center would not project anything. We got on a ladder tried some troubleshooting tricks, but they did not work. Then we took the projector that is in the back so that those on the platform can see what the congregation sees and moved it to the front. The congregation could see everything, but those on the platform were operating by faith.

-The interruptions are continuing this morning. They are all important and are all ministry. However, they were not part of “my plan” for this morning and they are delaying these musings.

-We had a new family in attendance yesterday.

-There is some significant spiritual growth taking place in our small groups. It is exciting to see, and to hear, the results and impact.

-Our church overwhelmed my wife and I with their expressions of appreciation every week in October. What is impressive is that they show us appreciation all year long. They do it as a group and many of them do it individually. We are blessed, in so many ways, and we are humbled by their many expressions to us.

-We are planning a large children’s event and family outreach for this Saturday. Our worship center will be transformed for the event. We are praying that lives will be transformed as a result. We are praying for many opportunities to express the love of Jesus through this outreach.

-Our community was rocked this week by a couple of tragic deaths. One of a child and another of a young adult. Much comfort and strength has been, and still is, needed.

-I am really looking forward to our family being together for a couple of days around Thanksgiving. As always, we will greatly miss the ones in Africa.

-Our parenting small group has been smaller than I hoped, but the interaction and sharing has been great.

-The news of the upheaval, and unrest, with the presidential elections in Kenya has ramped up the urgency of my prayers in the past week. I have 2 grandchildren in Kenya and my son, daughter in law and 2 other grandchildren are next door to Kenya.

-One of our granddaughters turned 3 this past week. It was fun to facetime with her as she showed us what she had received for her birthday.

-I am really enjoying watching the World Series games this year. The result was much more enjoyable last year when my Cubs finally won. However, I am enjoying just watching the games that have all been close and each has had a lot of dramatic moments. My blood pressure has been much better while watching this year.

-My fantasy football team is trailing heading into tonight’s game. I don’t expect to be able to make up the difference given who I have in the game. Oh well, it will only be my second loss.

-We have turned a corner in our weather and furnaces were running over the weekend. The good news is that it is almost sweater weather.

Here’s hoping that you experience the warmth of an encouraging word from someone today.





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I am a pastor, writer, and coach who is seeking to encourage people to follow Jesus and regain hope. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and helpmate, a father to great kids who are following Jesus and a grandpa to the greatest grandkids in the world. I have been a coach for many sports and a coach to a few pastors as well. I love sports, love to read, love to fish and love to do anything with my grandkids.

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