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4 Keys to Guarantee your Leadership has Impact …

4 Keys to Guarantee your Leadership has Impact …

Making an impact is a goal of those in leadership no matter what, or who, someone is leading. It could be a business, a church, a team, a small group or a family, whatever we are leading we all desire to make an impact. If you follow these keys and keep answering the questions you will have a great impact and so will your church or organization.

1. Clarity – it is impossible to make an intentional impact for anything without having clarity. This requires a clear vision, which leads to clear direction and will create clear leadership. Getting clarity requires you to answer some questions such as: Who are we are? What is our real mission? Where are we headed? How will we know when we get there? Who is leading? (The answer to this last question is not as simple as a job title)

2. Compassion – this is genuine concern and tangible care for others. There needs to be compassion for the city, region, state, area or country where you are leading/serving. There needs to be compassion for those in need around you. (Remember, true compassion is not just a feeling but follows up with actions) If you are leading/serving a church you must have compassion for those who do not have a relationship with Christ. This compassion must include showing compassion for those who oppose you. There must be compassion in all areas of your leadership.

3. Courage – we were all meant to be courageous. We need courage to lead, but we need some very specific courage if you are in leadership. If you are leading a church: You must be courageous in discipling others to follow Christ. Not to just sign a card, raise a hand, say a prayer or give money, but to actually follow Christ in a breath by breath manner. You must be courageous in your mission and your missions outreach. The needs are too great and the call too awesome for us to wimp out and only lead/serve those who already have been reached. We must be courageous enough to lead people beyond their own abilities and into places and things that only God can do. In other words, into places and ministries where if God doesn’t show up and do his thing we will fail miserably. Courage is not the absence of fear it is believing in the one who created us, called us and was crucified for us and following him wherever he leads.

4. Commitment – without commitment to the vision, mission and direction of Christ we will shrink back. We must be committed to Christ first and foremost. There must be a personal commitment to him. We must be committed to the cause of Christ – reaching the lost, discipling the found and changing the world. We must be committed to the church, the overall church, the kingdom of Christ not just our kingdom. We must be committed to leading/serving. Without this commitment we will wimp out when faced with adversity and opposition.

Do you want to make an impact? Or, do you just want to be known? Do you desire to change your world and influence others for Christ? Or, do you simply desire to put in your time and then retire comfortably? It is your choice and your choice has eternal consequences.

In some future posts I will go further into Impact Leadership/Impact Churches and Organizations.



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