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I Wish I Knew … #3

An area that I am really just starting to understand is the power of thanks. It is something I really wish I knew when I was beginning my ministry. I wish I knew how powerful a thank you is to those who serve in your church.

It is not that I didn’t know that a thank you was a good thing. I was taught at home that you express thanks to people who serve you and those who are kind to you. Growing up our home was one of thanks and I saw my Dad (who was a pastor for 44 years) thank people in the church. But I didn’t realize how much power there was in a thank you.

I have learned, and am still learning, that thanking those who serve in my church is vital and powerful. People respond to sincere thanks. People are often really moved when you acknowledge them with a thank you. We all appreciate someone thanking us when we do something for them. But there is something different about a sincere expression of thanks in the church.

I believe one reason for the power behind a thank you is that many people do not receive a thank you very often in their everyday lives. It seems that most people feel those who serve do not need thanks. While I am convinced most people who serve in the church do not do it for a thank you, they are still very appreciative of a thank you when it comes. There is another reason that I am convinced a thank you from a pastor makes a large impression. That reason is I believe that in the church too often we seem to demonstrate that those who attend owe their service to God and the church. The problem is that even though part of following Christ involves serving others we must never take it for granted.

A verbal thank you is good, especially when it is given in front of others. A written thank you is even more powerful. It can be handwritten or typed and printed. If it is typed make sure you personalize it in some way so it does not appear to be a mass thank you without any thought of the individual. A handwritten thank you is obviously personal and it shows that you took time out to show your appreciation.
No matter what method you use, make sure you give thanks to all who serve. It is also a great witness to those outside of the church. When you thank a clerk at a store, or a server in a restaurant or a policeman or fireman you make Christ and the church more attractive.

This week make a concerted effort to thank some people around you. Let them know you noticed their service and appreciate them. Watch what happens. I believe if you do this you will begin to learn what I have learned, that a thank you is a very powerful thing.

So let me say thanks for reading my blog. I write because I enjoy doing it and I hope it helps someone along the way. So thank you.

Here’s hoping you have a thankful week.



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